Why buy art online?

The online art market has changed almost beyond recognition in the last two years. Buyers who may previously have been apprehensive about buying something they haven’t physically seen, were suddenly trying an alternative retail experience when the pandemic struck in 2020. In this new climate of hybrid shopping, the service provided by the gallery to its online customers became paramount.

Driven to establish Milsome Art + Prints to continue providing an excellent online gallery experience, Louisa has a mission to bring art to new audiences by selling premium artworks at affordable prices, framed and ready to hang.

About our founder

Milsome Art + Prints founder Louisa Milsome has worked within galleries and the cultural sector for over 20 years. With an established network and connections with artists, museums and galleries at all levels, she brings a unique perspective to the online art market.

Working on exhibitions and alongside well-known artists such as Roger Ackling, Avis Newman, Colin Self at the Norwich Gallery (former home of EAST International), Louisa understands the sensitivities of working with artists and displaying art.

In 2016 Louisa joined Riverside Art & Glass and Gallery in the Lanes – a pair of successful commercial galleries under the same business umbrella. During her management of the galleries, the business expanded into regular exhibitions, art fairs and online.