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Standing Form in Landscape Framed Limited Edition Giclée Print

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Signed and numbered Limited Edition Giclée reproduction print (first edition of 20) of Standing Form in Landscape by artist Peter Lely.

The theme of a standing block is often found in Lely’s paintings. 

'This is a device which has been used by artists for centuries. Joseph Albers (1888-1976) contains his colours within squares, and Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) depicts the emotive symbolism of the altar in his painting “The Adoration of the Golden Calf”. In this instance the painting is  a re-enactment of intimate discoveries. In my travels, I have deliberately searched for and found sequestered places, places touched with the footprints of a past civilisation. And this could be a dolmen deep in a wood, a spring emerging from a hermit’s cave, or, in more modern times, an abandoned railway viaduct.

When I paint a formal or geometrical block, the form has the effect of distancing itself from its setting to become monumental. In my works, there is a continual need to use this form or its equivalent as a statement of both contrast and stability. It is also a symbol of timelessness and permanence.'

This is a museum-quality age-resistant print on Hahnemühle 100% Cotton Rag.

Brilliant colours, with a texture and clarity which rivals the painting itself.


Presented in a 'Pewter Foil' effect wooden frame.

Handmade in the UK from certified and sustainable wood.

The print is protected by 3mm UV100 Plexiglass which has UV protection greater than 99.7% and light transmission of over 92%.


Framed Dimensions: 39.5 x 35 cm

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