Copper and Teal Geometric Screenprint by Suffolk Artist Anna Bird

Soothing and meditative - why are we drawn to geometry in art?

To celebrate our geometric-themed print collection by Suffolk-based artist and surface designer Anna Bird, Holly Ward takes look back at the history of geometry in art and design, and discuss its longevity in a world full of constant change and trends.

When you think of geometrical shapes and their place within art history, you may think of the rise of 20th-century abstract art and prolific movements such as Cubism and Futurism. However, geometry in art and sculpture is a practice that goes further back than you might realise, originating in ancient Greece in 900 BCE. The ancient Greeks were the first to combine the early emerging techniques of maths and geometry with the aesthetic principles of art and design, using the style predominantly in vase motif painting and sculpture, dominating an era ultimately named the Geometric period.

While the movement itself eventually fizzled out in 700 BCE, the geometric design remained popular and was often incorporated into later Grecian art practices, with geometrics often used to create figurines in the shapes of animals and humans, as well as to create other ancient abstract works. The innovation and quality of art created during this time inspired practices around the globe, such as early Persian and Iranian art that featured geometrics in the interior designs of Mosques, Italian Renaissance artists who famously used geometric principles in the creation of their art, and of course, abstract artists who experimented with many geometric-led art movements at the turn of the 20th century.

So, where are we today? In more recent times, geometric art has been utilised to represent a wide array of themes and ideas, from utopian ideals to the symbolisation of creative freedom and even to political protest. Eternally relevant throughout art history, geometrical art remains a much-loved style that has enjoyed long-lasting popularity with artists and art lovers alike. For admirers of soothing and meditative pieces to those who crave a little artistic chaos - there is a geometrical piece out there to suit all tastes.

Our Geometric Screen Print by Anna Bird collection encompasses all we love about geometric abstraction art. A complimentary series of four, each piece consists of calming shapes in muted juxtaposing colours, making this the perfect collection for those seeking an air of calm in their indoor spaces.

Display together to create a high-impact gallery wall or choose your favourite piece to make a statement of its own! Shop Anna's work and our full collection of geometric works here.